Monday, January 23, 2017

Global warming: getting to know more about our environment

Do you want to save mother earth? Now a day global warming is one of the top issues regarding our environmental status. Human activities are considered one of the reasons why there is global warming. We are given such a beautiful place to live and in return, we should be responsible enough to take good care of it. Earth would never have this kind of problem if we are doing what is right for the environment. The problem is within us. We are not concern of the health of mother earth.

Global warming is an event in which the earth’s temperature increases. In this case, there are certain environmental feedbacks produced. The most common is the water vapor feedback, the melting of ice, the release of methane in arctic part of the earth, and the cloud feedback. In water vapor feedback, there is an increase volume of water that vaporized from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere.  This is because as the earth’s temperature shoots up water vapor also increases its activity. Therefore, evaporating from a much greater volume of water than usual. Since the water vapor is considered a greenhouse gas. Therefore, it is warm in nature... As it accumulates into the atmosphere it will create a warm effect. Because of this the atmosphere will tend to hold a much greater amount of water vapors.

Another effect is what we called as the melting of ice. This will occur in several places around the globe.  The large bodies of ice help reflect solar radiation thereby reducing the impact of heat into the earth’s surface. In the case of global warming the ice will melt due to increase earth temperature.  With no ice protecting the earth from radiation the heat will be absorbed and distributed to some areas, which will further increase the earth’s temperature.  Next is the release of methane. This is a type of gas that is released in the arctic. Fortunately this gas does not cause pollution to the environment. The release of methane gas is the result of the increase temperature of the earth’s surface or what is now known as the global warming.

The last common effect of global warming is the cloud feedback.  Clouds are the one who will help shade the earth from the sun’s rays. As the earth’s temperature rises it will create warm in the atmosphere. In this case, it will influence the change of formation and the type of clouds. There will be a scattered formation of clouds allowing the radiation of heat to have a direct contact to the earth’s surface.

Global warming can be a disturbance to our daily lives. It may also create a suiting environment for some organisms that causes different diseases. This is why there are now a lot of disease outbreaks around the globe. Actually, we can prevent these things from happening. We can really prevent global warming. The cause of global warming is brought about by human activities of daily living. This means that we can modify our daily activities to prevent such an environmental condition. Do you want to know how? Be part of millions of people trying to change the way they live just to save mother earth. Here are some ways to save mother earth.

First is to be aware. There are still people who did not know of some environmental issues. If we are knowledgeable enough, we can learn ways to prevent it, our concerns will be much greater than usual. Second is to purchase green cars. This may not be for everyone since auto mobiles are expensive but purchasing these types of automobiles can prevent pollution, since they are environmental friendly. Actually, it is not necessary that you are to buy green cars. There are other alternatives like commuting a bus, riding a bicycle, or simply by walking. In such activities, you can even meet new friends. Lastly, is to turn off electronics when not in use. This is very important since it can save energy and limit the number of carbon dioxide produced through heat. Replacing energy efficient bulbs and appliances can also be a solution. We must take good care of our living place for it is the gift from God.